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Commercial Applications

Meeting Tough Demands
Composite Landing Zone photo faux teak

When it comes to meeting tough requirements, our composite surfaces are unbeatable. Heavy machinery, heat and cold, corrosion, harsh treatment, heavy traffic — these materials endure it all.

With performance like this, coupled with unmatched seamless beauty, it is no wonder that our decks and flooring are so popular all over the world. Whether it’s a proven standard decking solution or a new challenge our technical specialists will provide just what you need.

Cruiseship Composite Upper Deck Photo or faux teak

Consultation from our expert team of designers, project managers and installers ensures that you get the functionality and design you require.

We will work closely with you at the start of the project and continue our support through the installation…and for the life of your deck.

Commercial Vessel Composite Deck Photo

Further, your crew can be trained in how to efficiently use our Maintenance Products and to properly maintain the decks with repair, re-caulk, and re-sealing. Deck cleaning is optimized with high quality and environmentally safe Products. 

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