"It was very apparent to me...that they (Teakdecking Systems) truly took pride in their work and that each deck is important to them. They truly want to please the customer...."

- Ben Cashen, Wayfarer Marine

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In 1979, Teakdecking Systems developed the concept of pre-assembled teak decks in modular form. By 1983, TDS brought the process to North America to serve the burgeoning production boat business. Over 25 years later, TDS' procedure is considered to be the most practical and cost efficient way to install teak decks on a yacht. Our process has practically displaced the hand laying of teak decks altogether, and we continue to innovate and evolve our process, products and services. With TDS, you'll enjoy green alternatives to the best in structures and designs.

THEN: Originally developed in 1979 to provide enthusiastic boat owners who had basic woodworking skills a way to install a teak deck on their own boats, the concept of pre-assembled teak decks in modular form was brought from Sweden to North America in 1983, to serve the burgeoning production boat business. Because there were a number of boat manufacturers in the Tampa bay area, a 10,000ft² factory in Bradenton, FL, was built to service the local marine industry. For years, it was hard to sell the concept that a teak deck (traditionally laid plank by plank by craftsmen) could be pre-assembled in a factory off-site; and thereafter be permanently installed on the vessel in large sections. Ultimately, the concept proved so successful that it has almost completely displaced the hand laying of teak decks.

Over 25 years later, Teakdecking Systems' procedure is considered to be the most practical and cost efficient way to install teak decks on a yacht. Our Systems proved so successful that TDS has outgrown its facilities twice, and now operates a 100,000ft² (9,300m²) manufacturing plant in Sarasota, Florida.

NOW: Today, when operating at full capacity, Teakdecking Systems supplies the Yachting and Cruise industries with over 125,000ft² (11,600m²) of teak decks annually - the equivalent of four to five 164' (50m) custom yachts per month. Customers include owners of small private yachts, high volume production boat builders, custom yacht builders, boatyards, major shipyards and cruise lines around the world.

Teakdecking Systems continues to evolve the teak decking process. In order to assure the quality of its decks, Teakdecking Systems developed its own caulking, SIS 440, as well as custom blended 1:1 epoxy adhesives for bonding the teak to the vessel's decks. In continued support of the installed teak decks, TDS has also developed bio-degradable powder (TCP 100) and liquid (TCL 200) cleaners.

Current development includes refining vacuum bagging techniques for installing the Teakdecking panels without fasteners on large yachts.

FUTURE: We will continue to evolve products and services. We are using organic fillers in our epoxies, and are looking into soy based epoxies as a green alternative to traditional oil based epoxies. At the same time, we are examining alternative woods and laminated products from Superfine Teak. Our ability to digitize large areas will allow us to provide shipyards and designers with accurate 'as-built' plans from which to develop their structures and designs. We are also developing our own design department to provide our customers, their designers, and builders, with teak decking layouts and innovative designs for interior floors and exterior decks.

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