Interior Flooring


For over twenty five years, numerous specially designed interior floors have been built and installed on major cruise liners worldwide. In every case, the quality and beauty of the floors have enhanced the appearance and value of each ship.

TEAKDECKING SYSTEMS pre-manufactured wooden floor system is used for building all types of interior floors, specially designed for the marine environment. Our process provides the customer with a pre-trimmed floor that is complete and ready for final fitting and installation. The floor arrives divided into manageable sections. Because the floor is manufactured off-site and can be speedily installed, minimal interruption of traffic flow through the area will be achieved.


All of our floors are assembled from solid 1/2" wood planks. High quality materials, from veneer grade woods to epoxy adhesives, are used during assembly to assure that the floor will retain its beauty throughout its life.

Interior wooden floors are custom built to the customer's specifications. Our design team works closely with designers and architects to ensure that the customers 'dream' concept is realized. We want nothing more than to help our customer realize the beauty that is a cruiseline interior floor!

TEAKDECKING SYSTEMS® has access to a wide variety of wood species from which we create your custom floors. From the well known, such as teak, oak, ash, mahogany, cherry, etc. to exotics, such as paulope, purpleheart, pyinkado and others, we create patterns and designs that border on artwork. In addition, we often employ colored resins, metals, tiles and marble to enhance the beauty of the surrounding wood.



TEAKDECKING SYSTEMS can supply on-site technical supervision and assistance anywhere in the world. When necessary, we will also provide a highly experienced dry-dock team or an equally experienced riding team to perform installations or repairs.

Whatever your wooden flooring or wooden decking requirements might be, give us a call. Teakdecking Systems is the recognized expert in the marine wooden flooring industry.

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