Job Opportunities


Due to steady growth Teakdecking Systems is constantly looking for qualified team players to fill Teak Deck Trim Carpenter and Teak Deck Installer positions. To inquire about such openings please contact us. For more details about these and other employment opportunities, go to the Florida employment center CareerSource Suncoast website:

Current Job Opportunities:


Marine Trim Carpenter/Installer

Deck Trim Carpenter


Non-US residents who wish to travel the world as part of our international cruise ship and deck installation team can apply for the openings as trainees for such positions. To be able to get training in the United States a J-1 Visa is needed. This visa allows for training in the United States for up to 18 months. To find out more about future jobs please contact us. To find out more about J-1 training visas visit the Association of International Practical Training (AIPT) web site:


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