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Sailing & Motor Yachts

Beyond the Plank Pattern
Close-up photo of composite weather deck on a sailboat faux teak

Your boat is an extension of your personality, and composite decking gives you the freedom to design the look you want, while maintaining functionality.

Whether you have a new construction or refit you are only limited by your imagination.

  • Pattern

    Choose the traditional plank pattern or your own unique design

  • Width of the Seams/Joints

    Specify from fine to robust

  • Color

    Select from multiple choices for your decking, and your seams

Photo of Composite bow decking on a sailboat with water backdrop faux teak decking

The composite material not only looks good, but it has excellent functional properties too. It can withstand the most severe weather conditons at sea, for instance, and is non-slip in both dry and wet conditions. 

A growing number of architects are inspired by the aesthetic and technical properties of composite decking, and we the materials are continually improved.

Aerial view of center console motor yacht with composite decking , or faux teak decking

Composite decking is suitable for newly built and refits of mega yachts, sailing yachts, and motorboats — or any boat. For new builds, the decks are supplied fully customized. In other cases, they are made to meet a manufacturer’s specifications.

There is the right solution for every project.


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Herculan Marine Logo for faux decking or synthetic decking