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Digital Design

Teak & Synthetic Decks
Photo of digital measuring technique on teak deck

Design and Drafting

To ensure the quality of the teak decks we create for you, we follow traditional marine woodworking practices in the design and layout of our teak decks. Protecting the watertight integrity of our decks and the vessels is of utmost importance.

If your boat has historic significance, or it is a builder’s iconic design, we work carefully to design as close a replica as possible, taking into account improvements in materials and techniques developed since the original deck was laid.

For new vessels, we work with the yacht’s designer and builder to first develop specifications that meet the yachts construction requirements, and then style the layout of the deck to reflect the designer and owner’s taste.

Photo of template making on factory floor

To develop your design, we begin with either a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing of the vessel’s layout, or we digitize the full size templates of the vessel’s structural decks. 

After studying photographs of the original teak decks, and finalizing the specifications for a new vessel’s decks, we proceed to create the new layout using CAD. 

During this process, the drafter works closely with the assigned project manager and production personnel to ensure that the layout is correct from both a styling and a marine woodworking perspective.

Once the layout has been approved by you or your representative, a Job Order is created and given to Production management for scheduling.


Image of an engineering drawing for a detailed boat bow

The Design & Drafting department is a key element in accurately translating your vision into teak decking reality.  The drawings this department creates are a powerful tool for precisely communicating ideas between the parties involved in the project.