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How much does Teak Decking Cost? Part 1 of 3-Teak

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Teak Decking Cost

Multiple factors affect teak decking costs including materials, design, and installation. In this article, we address how the cost of yacht-quality teak affects the typical $85-125/sq ft cost of the teak decking (not including installation).

Our teak cost is provided only for the highest quality, vertical grain teak for yacht-building applications. So that removes nearly all the worldwide teak supply from this write-up.  The cost information we provide is for 10-15% of teak cut by specialty sawmills and legally-sourced in Southeast Asia. We are not addressing lower quality plantation teak from other countries.

Legally-Sourced Teak Timber from Southeast Asia

Teak Unit of Measure – Board Foot

Teak is a product that has various units of measure around the world. In the United States, most lumber buyers use the measurement unit of board foot.  What, exactly, is a board foot? 

One board foot equals the volume contained in a board that measures 1” thick by 12” wide by 12” long or equivalent to a total of 144 cubic inches. For example, a 1” thick board that is 12” wide and 3’ long is 3 board feet.

Board Foot Price

Today, the selling price of a board foot (1”x12”x12”) is $63*. So, a 1”x12”x36″ board is $189. However, it is important to mention that a 12” wide board is not easily obtained. The supply of these extremely wide pieces is diminishing because they are cut from very old and large trees. There are not many of these trees in the Myanmar forests today. But reforestation efforts are active with The Nature Conservancy.

Pricing Variables

Is all yacht quality teak $63/board foot? Actually, no. Teak cost varies dependent on the width and the length of the piece. 

Commonly available widths are 2” to 6,” and their price is lower. Then the price varies based on the length of the board.

For widths of 2-6”:

Length (feet)Length (inches)Approx. Price per board foot*
< 5.5 feet long< 71”$16
6 – 9.5’72 – 119”$27

*Prices are estimates and can vary

Example: A Boat Owner wants to buy nine finished boards…

6 boards at 0.5” thick, 3” wide, 90” long

3 boards at 0.75” thick, 5” wide, 48” long.

IMPORTANT: Each board needs to start as a thicker rough piece to account for milling and sanding. So a 0.5” finished thickness board starts as 0.75” rough thickness. A 0.75” finished thickness starts as 1” thickness.

Calculation 1: Board foot price for the 6 boards

6 pieces x 0.75” (rough thickness) x 3” (width) x 90” (length) ÷ 144 = 8.4 board feet

8.4 board feet x $27 = $226.80

Calculation 2: Board foot price for the 3 boards

3  pieces x 1” (rough thickness) x 5” (width)  x 48” (length) ÷ 144 = 5 board feet

5 board feet  x $16 = $80

Now you know how to measure and approximate the cost of individual 2-6” wide boards!

Teak Short Boards Cut & Sorted by length

Curved Decks affect Teak Decking Cost

Many wood pieces on a yacht deck are curved, but the raw material starts as a rectangle.  On a curved weatherdeck, an outboard piece of 3” wide trim may need to be cut from a 6” wide board, effectively doubling the cost of the teak.

Curved Teak Decks

Estimate Based on Boat Square Footage & Thickness

Of course, there is more to a teak deck than the wood. So, calculating the square footage of your boat’s deck surface will better determine the full cost of materials.  For a rough estimate, use deck thickness. Thinner decks use teak boards of 0.75 rough thickness, and thicker decks use boards of 1” rough thickness. 

To calculate an estimate:

  • For thinner decks, multiply your estimated square footage of the deck surface by 0.75.
  • For thicker decks, multiply estimate square footage by 1 (or easily remember that the square footage and the board footage are equal in thicker decks).

Teak Decking Cost

A commonly quoted retail price on the internet for teak and caulk panels is $60 per square foot, but this is likely not yacht quality vertical grain teak.

Further, boats aren’t shaped like rectangles! There are hatches and curves and seat posts, etc. These features will affect the price, as well as the design and installation, and other factors.

Trim and hatches add to cost


How much does a yacht-quality teak decking cost? It will be dependent upon the width, length, and thickness needed because all these factors affect the price.

  • Common widths are 2 to 6”. Wider boards increase the cost.
  • The longer the board, the higher the cost.
  • Curved boards significantly increase costs.
  • Thickness affects the overall cost.
  • Detail increases cost.

More questions about teak decking cost?

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