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How Much Does Teak Decking Cost? Part 2 of 3 – Design

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In a recent blog, we addressed how to estimate the teak decking cost on a deck. Material is only one cost element to create a beautiful, high-quality, custom boat deck. The rest of the cost is labor, and this can be affected by the deck design. As expected, the more complex, the higher the teak decking cost, but most range from $85-125/square foot (for Grade 1, vertical grain, superyacht quality teak).

A simple deck is comprised of battens (or planks). Complexity increases with design elements such as perimeter trim, hardware trim, hatches (trimmed and untrimmed), king planks, and nibs.

Teakdecking Systems builds all types of decking, from simple trim-less straight plank designs to the most complex. Here are examples.

Trimless Deck

This deck is has no perimeter trim

Decks with Trim

Battens can be trimmed along the perimeter of a boat or around hardware,

Deck with perimeter trim and hatch trim
Highly detailed trim
Hardware trim


Hatches can be simple and virtually unseen, or with ornate trim…

Look for two trimless hatches on this deck
Multiple hatches with detailed trim

King Planks

The Christmas tree-shaped board running along the centerline is a king plank. With careful craftsmanship, nibs are tediously cut where the plank meets the centerline. This creates the beautiful king plank shape, and it increases the teak deck cost. Note: Center boards can be straight too.

Planks with nibs form a king plank. Notice the trimmed hatches too.

Custom Designs

The portfolio of Teakdecking Systems includes many custom designs.

Custom design
Unique grating

Further, another specialty of TDS designers is creating decks that appear symmetrical when the boat’s construction is asymmetrical.

Overall Design

For large boats and yachts with multiple areas of decking, the aerial view of a TDS deck is beautiful. All the caulk seams line up perfectly. These details are carefully planned and executed. Quality is priority number one at Teakdecking Systems. This is our signature.

The Ratio of Trim (lineal feet) to Batten/Plank Area (square footage)

When designing a new deck, the TDS project managers will calculate the ratio of trim to the batten (plank) areas. So, the higher this ratio, the more complex the job, driving up labor costs.

Wood Quality

At Teakdecking Systems, the wood quality is only Grade 1 and 2 marine quality, with no visible knots

  • Grade 1 – Highest, superyacht, vertical grain, tightness (<3mm growth rings)
  • Grade 2 – High quality, vertical grain, coloration might not be as uniform
  • End grain (growth rings) are <45 degrees

Wood Thickness & Width

As mentioned in a recent article “How Much Does Teak Decking Cost? Part 1 – Teak” we explained how wood thickness and width affects cost too.


From basic to intricate designs, Teakdecking Systems is capable of designing, building and installing a premium-quality deck to the owner’s exact specifications and at the owner’s budget. To read more about installation costs, read this article: How Much Does Teak Decking Cost? Part 3 of 3 – Installation

Photo of TDS Manufacturing Trim Floor


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