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Our journey towards becoming FSC Certified

You might wonder why we are starting this blog?

Well, it all comes down to us as a company wanting to be completely transparent about the FSC certification journey we are embarking on. We all know the yachting industry tends to be somewhat secretive, but all of us at TDS are so onboard with this (and quite frankly rather excited) we feel compelled to share our experience in the hope that it will help others understand exactly what it takes to get certified. We plan to document the entire process, including the obstacles we encounter, in an open and candid manner.

We believe it is our responsibility to share information and encourage the rest of the industry to follow and become FSC certified. It’s not just about fulfilling an obligation to the world, but it’s also about fulfilling and obligation to ourselves, the industry and ultimately the world.

At this stage, we aren’t sure about the frequency of the blog, as there is much to do and we are navigating unchartered waters. However, we hope that you will follow us and hopefully decide to pursue on your own journey towards certification.

Thanks for reading!

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