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How Much Does Teak Decking Cost? Part 3 of 3 – Installation

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Material, design complexity, and installation affect teak decking cost, and boat owners have multiple installation options for a new or replacement deck. Budget, skill level, and desired aesthetics affect the installation cost too.

Custom Teak Deck


For the boat owner with boat construction knowledge as well as carpentry and installation skills, a cost-effective option might be DIY. This will save labor costs.


  1. Buy teak, adhesive, and caulking; then traditionally hand lay the deck.
  2. Buy oversized panels and teak trim. Cut panels and trim to size and then adhere.
  3. Buy pre-manufactured/pre-assembled, cut-to-size panels, made from templates and packaged in a kit, with installation instructions (from Teakdecking Systems).

Hardware must be removed, adjusted, and/or replaced. Possibly, an existing deck will need to be removed. Note, deck repairs must be performed before installing the new deck.

Clearly, the finished deck quality and aesthetics are dependent upon skill level and material quality. However, this can be the least expensive teak decking cost for installation.

Local Boatyard

Another option is to hire a professional boat building company. There are a few ways to work with this vendor:

  1. The local builder (or boatyard) can construct a basic, pre-fit deck to match a boat’s shape and install it. They might buy panels or hand lay the deck. The hand-laid deck will have more scrap, take more time, and require more fasteners.
  2. The boatyard can install a pre-manufactured deck built by a custom deck builder such as Teakdecking System. This is easier than DIY and hand-laid decks, and it is cost-effective, too. TD

Most importantly, hire a trusted, local boatyard. (TDS can provide referrals.) A boatyard can coordinate multiple projects on a single boat, too, which saves overall project time and the final teak decking cost.

The boat owner will be responsible for paying for materials and labor. The builder will often keep leftover materials.

Hand laid deck installation

Custom Pre-Manufactured Deck Builder

The ultimate option is to hire a custom deck builder such as Teakdecking Systems. Professional deck builders will know all the details of a custom-fit teak deck. Above all, their goal is to deliver impeccable design, materials, and quality of fit. A deck-builder will inspect for pre-existing deck problems and correct them to enhance the new deck’s life. Further, a custom builder can recommend superior features such as nibbed or beveled trim or solid teak steps with a bullnose.

The deck installation might be performed by TDS or a well-qualified local boatyard hired and coordinated by TDS. The work will include warranty coverage and worldwide customer service too.

Custom Teak Decking Process

Pre-assembled decks are built to accurate specifications in a factory. The assembly starts after taking photos of the boat, measuring dimensions, and making templates of a boat’s deck. Once the beautiful, pre-assembled deck is built, it is separated into handlable-sized panels and packed in shippable crates. The deck is shipped to the boat’s location (anywhere in the world), and the installation takes place.

The straight-laid deck is built in the 100,000 sq. ft. facility of TDS

Planning an Installation

“Our company’s name of Teakdecking Systems says it all. There is a system to complete a project efficiently and professionally. With process flow interruptions, delays may occur and create additional costs. The Teakdecking System team’s goal is to prevent this. Ultimately, our goal is to have a pleasant, efficient, and professional experience for the deck installation. Here are my three key tips: (1) Choose the right service yard, (2) create the best environmental conditions, and (3) make hardware adjustments.

-Ron Peets, Experienced TDS Installer

Choose the Right Boatyard

Firstly, the vessel location is important, and working conditions play a large role in the progress. The chosen boatyard should accommodate a vessel from the start of a project to the completion. Often, other repairs or improvements to a deck are necessary too. So, the boatyard staff must be able to perform repairs too, and this is often done concurrently with other jobs on the boat. Crates (up to 40 feet long) are commonly delivered for projects. A yard must be able to unload these crates and store them under cover, protected from the elements. 

Panels are positioned on the teak deck and properly trimmed

Create the Best Environmental Conditions

Installation products such as epoxies and caulking are temperature sensitive for curing. So secondly, proper environmental conditions are necessary. Extreme heat or cold, and water infiltration, might delay the job. Also, this could affect the warranty. Locate vessels in a covered structure with climate control. Plan well and schedule the installation for the right environmental conditions.

Boat is under cover in temperate conditions

Make Hardware Adjustments

Thirdly, hardware removal and adjustments will be necessary, whether it is a sailboat or a motor yacht. It might only be one hatch or other hardware adjustments:

  • Raise hinges for the thickness of the new teak deck
  • Adjust or replace most latches
  • Change lid supports to accommodate the teak
  • Replace fasteners as needed
  • On sailboats, there is additional hardware that is necessary to remove, re-bed, and reinstall many pieces of hardware

Approximate Installation Costs

Many variables affect the installation cost, but most significantly, the trim to “batten field” ratio. Small detailed areas and trim add to the cost. Here are examples as a rough guideline for rates:

  • Big sundeck on a motor yacht = 0.75 hours/square foot
  • Cockpit on a sportfish boat = 1.0 hours/square foot
  • Sailboat with 20 hatches = 1.3 hours/square foot

The only way to provide an exact rate is to review the boat’s design and measure the areas of trim versus “batten field.”

Further, yard costs can affect the project. They may take a portion of the labor or materials. So this variable affects the final teak decking cost.

Your Unique Project with Teakdecking Systems (TDS)

Beautiful Finished Deck!

As a custom deck builder, Teakdecking Systems professionals can MEASURE, DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, and INSTALL a teak deck. With diligence, our team vets boatyards around the globe. Also, we offer a full system of products, including award-winning caulking, epoxies, cleaners, and tools.

Teakdecking Systems can calculate the true cost of a project, including materials, design, and installation. Our sales/project managers are ready to determine the best decking options to satisfy your unique situation.

To learn more about Teak Decking Costs, read the first two parts of this series:

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