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Teakdecking Systems Composite Decking Solutions

Teakdecking Systems revolutionized the teak decking process by introducing the concept of pre-assembled modular teak decks. With over 38 years in the Teakdecking industry, Teakdecking Systems decks and products are well known in the super yacht and production boat industry. Now, we apply that heritage of innovation to the composite decking market.

Teakdecking Systems engineers and installs custom marine surfaces for commercial vessels, cruise ships and yachts. Our expertise encompasses exterior areas such as helipads, decks, steps, balconies and pool decks, as well as interiors for machinery, wet space, galley and crew quarters. Our marine decking products are second to none and distributed worldwide.

As a leader in marine decking manufacturing, TDS utilized its experience to create an alternative decking. As part of Teakdecking Systems concern for a sustainable option in yachting, we have spent the last ten years looking for suitable real wood alternatives to teak for yacht decking. Our proven installation processes now include composite decking material.

Some of the benefits of TDS Composite Decking Materials include:

There are many benefits from high performance and long-term use for high use decks and vessels. Composite decking does not splinter, and holds up well with UV light such as sunlight.
Despite the appearance of Teak, composite decking, which replicates the grain of real wood, can save time and money on maintenance as much of the stains remain on the surface. Cleaning is simplified and is strong enough to withstand power washing. Repairs are simplified and more cost-effective with Composite Decking. In some instances, a simple sanding can reveal fresh material that looks like it did when it was first installed.
Composite Decking can enhance the longevity of your deck installation with state-of-the-art material formulations. The lifespan of a deck with cleanings and sanding’s can be 20 years or more.
Composite decking is not only softer on the feet, it can provide safety to your passengers and crew with anti-slip surfaces.
Several years ago, TDS began communicating with leaders of a movement to rebuild and restore the working forests of Myanmar which is a primary source of Teak. This group of experts is led by The Nature Conservancy and the Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC), and Responsible Asia Forestry and Trade partnership (RAFT). A truly inspiring solution is very hard to find. It is no wonder that teak is sometimes called the “King of Woods.” TDS has spent years investing in perfecting a composite option that offers the beauty of teak but with additional benefits. This material is highly sought after by many of our customers.

Teakdecking Systems is the distributor for Esthec Composite Decking and Herculan® Marine Decks. These globally recognized polyurethane or epoxy products are known for their quality, versatility and technology; and when you select us to manage and install your project you get nearly four decades of comprehensive installation experience, expert technical support, and an extensive selection of adhesive products. Moreover, you get peace of mind.

If your new construction or refurbishment requires aesthetic and functional requirements other than teak, our design and engineering experts can help you create innovative composite decking solutions.

We Invite you to contact Teakdecking Systems for more information on our composite decking options. Call us at Visit us online at, and follow us on YouTube, Instagram and Linkedin.

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