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FSC Certification – Our training journey begins!

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The team is making great strides and have already completed half of the 4-day training program on FSC certification standards on forestry and chain of custody (CoC). Adam Grant from Double Helix le…

Moving Forward – FSC Certification

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Recognizing the complexity of obtaining the FSC certification, we quickly realized that thorough organization and commitment are crucial to ensure a smooth process (a work ethic which thankfully is…

Starting Out

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First out, it must be said, that we are exceptionally lucky to have two absolute stars on our team: Dan Paver and Mike Doyle. Both are based at our HQ in Sarasota and have been with TDS for years a…
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Our journey towards becoming FSC Certified

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You might wonder why we are starting this blog? Well, it all comes down to us as a company wanting to be completely transparent about the FSC certification journey we are embarking on. We all kn…

Teakdecking Systems ESOP Plan

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Marilyn DeMartini, Guest Writer… It’s NOT a Fable – It’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan – the Way Employees Own a Piece of the Pie In today’s heavy mergers and acquisitions climate, especiall…

Installation Considerations

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Marilyn DeMartini, Guest Writer… What to look for in teak deck installs or replacements. Your beautiful teak deck is showing signs of wear. To scrub, oil, sand, or not? These questions haunt …


Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We do this by proposing and delivering innovative designs, unparalleled quality, and impeccable installations—all with a commitment to excellent service.


You require exceptional quality and performance from our products, and we deliver these globally to a wide range of customers: Do-it-yourself small boat owners, high-volume production boat builders, custom yacht builders, boatyards, major shipyards, and cruise ships.


We launched Teakdecking Systems in 1983 with an unwavering commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. Honoring these values created a model for success and longevity, earning your trust.