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Composite Decking

Imagination and Technology at Work
Teakdecking Composites

Teakdecking Systems revolutionized the teak decking process by introducing the concept of pre-assembled modular teak decks saving thousands of man-hours. Now, we apply that heritage of innovation to the composite decking market.

If your new construction or refurbishment requires aesthetic and functional requirements other than teak, our design and engineering experts can help you create innovative composite decking solutions.

We engineer and install custom marine surfaces for commercial vessels, cruise ships and yachts. Our expertise encompasses exterior areas such as helipads, decks, steps, balconies and pool decks, as well as interiors for machinery, wet space, galley and crew quarters.

Teakdecking Systems is the distributor for Esthec Composite Decking and Herculan® Marine Decks.

These globally recognized polyurethane or epoxy products are known for their quality, versatility and technology; and when you select us to manage and install your project you get nearly four decades of comprehensive installation experience, expert technical support, and an extensive selection of adhesive products. Moreover, you get peace of mind.

Esthec Composite Decking logo faux teak
Herculan Logo faux teak decking
images of faux teak decking or synthetic teak decking and logo
  • Design Freedom

    Choose your color and design from traditional to contemporary, or your own custom design, on any vessel from yachts to workboats

  • Durability

    Benefit from high performance and long-term use (when compared to wood and many other synthetics)

  • Low Maintenance

    Save time and money on maintaining your decking or flooring

  • Anti-Corrosive

    Enhance the longevity of your installation with state-of-the-art material formulations

  • Anti-Slip

    Provide safety to your passengers and crew with anti-slip surfaces

image of sailboat with faux teak decking or synthetic decking

Consultation from our expert team of designers, project managers and installers ensures that you get the functionality and design you require. We will work closely with you at the start of the project and continue our support through the installation…and for the life of your deck.

Your crew can be trained in how to efficiently use our Maintenance Products and to properly maintain the decks with repair, re-caulk, and re-sealing. Deck cleaning is optimized with high quality and environmentally safe Products.