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Sailing Yachts

Over 50,000 Decks

Teakdecking Systems (TDS) is the recognized leader in building modular sailboat decking. That is why high-profile sailing yacht owners chose TDS for replacement teak decking on their classic yachts such as Thalia, Tiara, Koo, Antares, Catalina, Ghost, and the restoration of America’s Cup Endeavor. Discerning owners and builders of fine sailing yachts such as Hinckley, Swan, Morris Yachts, Baltic, Hans Christian, Royal Huisman, Vitters, and others choose TDS too.  Click for full list.

Sailing yacht aerial view

Curved Teak Decking

A sailing yacht deck is more technically challenging to build than a straight-laid teak deck for a motor yacht. In order get the curved teak battens to hold its shape to the sheer of the vessel we use proprietary, easily adjustable, interlocking jigs under vacuum pressure to assemble the panels. After more than 35 years, this fabrication system is still unique to Teakdecking Systems in the marine industry.

The deck on a sailing yacht has a lot more seawater flowing across it, so it is critical that the deck be completely watertight. To prevent any possibility of leaks, we use an impervious phenolic backing, vacuum bagged with our proprietary epoxy, to hold the teak battens together in panel form. Even if there were no sealant in the seams, water would still not penetrate beneath the teak decking.

Sailing yacht teak bow

Layout & Styling

A further challenge is layout and styling. Unlike straight laid teak decking, the battens in the deck intersect hatches and superstructure at odd angles and meet along the centerline at a Christmas tree-like “kingplank.” Our experienced designers at TDS are masters of creating technically sound decks that properly eliminate fragile tapered batten ends.

Sailing yacht view from mast top


Boats are rarely built completely symmetrical, and long black parallel lines of caulking can highlight the lack of symmetry. Our designers’ ability to create visual symmetry results in gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing teak decking.

Teak Decking Cost

The cost of teak decking is dependent on multiple variables, including the teak, deck design, and installation.

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