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Commercial Applications

Meeting Tough Demands

Your stringent demands for new construction or refurbishment can be met with our teak decking products, while meeting your aesthetic needs too.

Teaks decks create timeless beauty with functional applications on U.S. Military vessels like the U.S.S. Missouri.

Teak decking and wood flooring are built in our Sarasota facility. The modular ship deck panels are engineered specifically for the shipbuilding industry.  They meet the most stringent demands of shipyards worldwide for new builds, as well as refurbishments.

The decks are made of solid teak profiles, vulcanized to a bearer under vacuum with epoxy. Panels are delivered caulked with SIS440 and planed. If decks are longer than 40 feet, they are delivered in sections with patterned joints for efficient handling and installation. Our systems are based on gluing techniques.

Our interior panels, bar areas, dance floors, etc., are for the discriminating designer and owner. Joints in the decks can be designed to various patterns. We use various species of hardwoods. Seams can be filled with other wood strips or dyed epoxy. Special woods for high-traffic areas are available. We also make custom inlay work, cap rails, steps, etc. TDS installs the decks on-board using specialized techniques, including underlayment. Contracting service with riding crews for installation and refurbishing is also available.

TDS provides maintenance programs and products. We train your crew in how to efficiently use TDS products, and to properly maintain the teak/wooden decking with repair, re-caulk, refinish, sealing and cleaning. Our maintenance products are manufactured to rigid specifications, and one of the highest priorities of TDS is to protect and improve our environment.

At TDS we take pride in craftsmanship and higher quality materials to give our customers a rich-looking wooden deck that offers superior quality, better finish and considerable savings of time and money.