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The Tech of Teak

Text and photographs by Aaron Porter


At A Glance

  • 25 years experience
  • Pre-assembled, pre-trimmed teak decks, including margin boards & kingplanks
  • Panels up to 40’ long
  • #1 quality quarter sawn solid teak battens starting at ½”
  • Full depth seams including bond-breaker tape
  • Fiberglass backing in panel to create a watertight system
  • Award-winning products engineered by TDS for reliability – SIS440 caulk, epoxies and cleaners
  • New constructions or refits
  • Runabouts to cruise lines
  • Installation available
  • Knowledgeable support staff
  • Employee owned

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The World's Leader in
Pre-Manufactured Custom Teak Decks

TEAKDECKING SYSTEMS® is the original and premier manufacturer of pre-manufactured custom teak decks and interior floors for yachts and ships. We are also the largest. From our more than 100,000 square-foot (9,300m2) manufacturing plant in Sarasota, Florida, we supply the yachting market with over 125,000 square feet (11,600m2) of teak decks each year - the equivalent of four to five 164' (50m) custom yachts per month. Customers include everyone from do-it-yourself small boat owners to high volume production boat builders, custom yacht builders, boatyards, and major shipyards around the world, as well as cruiseliners.

Revolutionized the Teak Decking Process

Before TDS revolutionized the teak decking process, teak decks were hand laid, plank-by-plank, by shipyard workers aboard the vessel. That process required many man-hours, tying up the yard's skilled labor force, and restricting access to deck areas for weeks or months at a time. Teakdecking Systems introduced the concept of efficiently pre-assembling modular teak decks, created off-site in a purpose built facility. Yacht builders and yard operators soon realized that our methods freed up their carpenters, vastly accelerating the installation process, and relieving them from having to source, acquire, mill, and store yacht quality teak.

Evolving the Teak Decking Process

From that beginning, TDS continues to evolve the teak decking process. Today, electronic digitizers are used to transfer data from vessels' decks to computers, and the layouts of the teak decks are presented using AutoCAD. Decks that were held in place with a myriad of screws are now bonded with epoxy. Once considered exotic, vacuum bagging technology for installations has been refined and developed as a common procedure.

In constant search for ways to improve the quality and reliability of teak decks, TDS developed its own seam compound, SIS 440 Teak Deck Caulking, and special 1:1 epoxy adhesives for bonding the teak to the vessel's subdecks.

Where the Best Teak Decking Technology
Meets the Finest Tradition

Although much effort is devoted to further improve the TDS Systems, the resulting decks are very traditional in appearance. Where competitors may allow plank ends to taper to fine, fragile points, we nib the plank ends in a traditional manner.

Whether your project involves the refit of an existing yacht, or decks for a new yacht under construction, TDS products will reduce the overall cost and deck installation time, while providing higher quality teak decks than most builders and yards will achieve with their local resources. To learn more about Teakdecking Systems' products call 941 756 0600, or e-mail: info.usa@teakdecking.com




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