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Unparalleled Design & Installation

Whether your boat is powered by motor or wind, we understand your requirements and needs for style and structure. We have built over 50,000 teak decks for all types of yachts, so we have the knowledge and background to assist designers, boatyards and owners to create well-designed, long-lasting decks.

Westport Yacht


The look is yours to decide, whether it’s a traditional fore and aft plank layout, or an intricate design or inlay of a custom logo, compass rose, bill fish, or other specialty design. Our intimate knowledge of wood and woodworking, as well as synthetic materials, means we can make your ideas become reality.

We work with you and your designers to create specifications and then we scrutinize the details: hatch sizes and locations, camber, and drainage systems. Fastening systems are reviewed to ensure the deck stays bonded and the structural sub-deck stays protected.

Detailed Teak bow and hatch on motor yacht


During the construction phase of the vessel, we ensure the structural decks are properly faired, the hatches are correctly located and aligned, and the drain and waterway details are prepared.

On refit projects, we make templates (digital or wood) and we catalog the existing teak deck’s styling with photographs before the old deck is removed. This allows us to accurately reproduce the deck’s original detailing.

For new yachts under construction, we make deck templates (digital or wood) after the fairing has been completed.

Using the templates as a guide, we build the deck components in our purpose-built 100,000 ft2 (9300m2) factory, away from the boat and away from the congestion of the shipyard. As we are building the deck, the boatyard’s staff can continue other work on the boat without our interruption, speeding up the overall build or refit time.

Photo of teak trim detail on sailboat


After we have built the modular deck, we ship it to the boat and the installation begins. This installation takes place in an efficient and timely manner, because of our pre-manufactured panel system and pre-shaped margin trim, hatch trim and king planks. Compared to hand laying a teak deck there is a minimal amount of dust and interference.

Depending on the situation and customer requirements, we can install the decks in a traditional manner, using fasteners, and plugs (bungs) or we use bars across the panels to eliminate fasteners and plugs in the field of the deck. Or we can use advanced vacuum bag techniques for lower weight and the fasten-less look.