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Professional Tools

For removing caulk or other flexible materials from a seam


Used before re-caulking, this tool is for removing caulk or other sealants from a seam. A razor knife should be used to free the caulk from the sides of the seam. Our Reefing Hook is specially designed and constructed for long service life, and ease and speed of operation. You can remove most of the caulking, leaving minimal material for final hand sanding - using the TDS Seam Sander.

TDS Reefing Hook is made to be a fine quality tool with hand comfort in mind. Different sizes can be made to order.

For sanding seam sides before caulking the seam

Complete kit consists of handle, sanding surface and six (6) sanding pads


Designed for vertical sanding of the sides of a seam, to remove old material before re-caulking, the TDS Seam Sander ensures the best possible preparation for new caulk to bond to the teak. Our Seam Sander is specially designed and constructed for long service life, and ease and speed of operation. Use it to remove final residue of caulking, leaving a totally clean surface for the new caulk to bond to.

Made of the finest quality steel and hardwood, TDS Seam Sander is manufactured with a comfortable smooth grip and has an adjustable depth sanding surface - from 5mm to 22mm (1/5" - 7/8"). Other special sanding surfaces can be made to order.

For re-caulking using caulk sausages


Our SIS440 Black is available in 20 oz sausages. This type of delivery system is not only faster for large jobs (less changing out of cartridges), but better for the environment, as all that's left at the end is a small round disk. The sausage takes a special caulk gun and TDS makes sure you are able to enjoy the convenience and earth-friendlier packaging that is the caulk sausage.

For seam preparation when re-caulking


Three-sided adhesion will limit the amount of movement that a seam can accept before failing. TDS recommends applying bond breaker tape at the base of every seam to create two-sided adhesion, which allows the sides of the the seam to work independently from the bottom, increasing flexibility.

The bottom of the caulk seam should be able to move at the base of the seam as the deck flexes and works.

For cleaning your teak deck


Using TCP-100 or TCL-200, a is the perfect soft scrubbing pad for cleaning your teak deck. The wood should be scrubbed across the grain, so as not to tear the soft grain out of the planks, leaving the surface rough.

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