Cruise Ship Custom Parts

In addition to creating beautiful custom teak decks and interior floors, Teakdecking Systems also builds many fine custom wood components for cruises ships and yachts.


Whether a custom teak grating is needed for a shower, Jacuzzi drain pan, or waterway along a deck edge, Teakdecking Systems assembles high quality teak into many different styles of gratings for discerning customers.  In addition to traditional layouts with the teak profiles running at 0 and 90 degrees, Teakdecking Systems can create gratings with curved profiles, gratings made from single pieces of teak, slat style gratings, and many others.  Size is not a limitation - we have built gratings to cover entire floor areas.


Apart from teak decks and floors, custom teak railings can be manufactured to any specifications in a variety of sizes and profiles





Steps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well.  Our experienced technicians can come on board and template to the exact profile of the existing structure to ensure a proper fit, resulting in a speedy yet accurate installation.



With our fully equipped mill shop, extensive inventory of teak and other hardwoods, and our skilled staff, Teakdecking Systems is well positioned to support your marine woodworking requirements.  Whether it is a set of custom teak doors, a bar top, deck boxes, teak columns, a Jacuzzi surround, or any other product, bring your ideas to Teakdecking Systems, and we will assist you in turning them into reality.

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